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About DnL Trends

Founded by Donnis and Larry Hiskett, DnL Trends assists people with becoming financially independent in a constantly evolving world. From tools and resources to personalized financial coaching sessions, the DnL Trends team is dedicated to helping YOU create an achievable financial plan.

We invite you to browse our various services, products, and offer a free Wealthness Checkup to begin your journey to financial independence!

DnL Trends on The Lisa Williams Show

Watch the recent episode of the Lisa Williams Show on ZondraTV featuring Donnis Hiskett, CEO & Wealthness Coach and owner of DnL Trends.

How We Help

Learn more about how to gain financial clarity and confidence to live a fully abundant and prosperous life that fulfills your potential.

Financial Clarity

Secure your future with a unique insight on your financial roadmap.

Multiple Streams of Income

Leverage our various affiliate networks and build and work from home with an online business.

Holistic Wellness

Whole body health: nutrition and health with a layer of financial wellness = WEALTHNESS.

Washboard Willy

Preview and download Washboard Willy on iTunes. Also available for event booking, parties and more!

Let’s Hear From Happy Clients

Cynthia Delaney

“Donnis has such an amazing way of sending loving and healing energy to you as she guides you through each Reiki session. This powerful yet gentle healing truly soothed me during a transformational time in my life.”

Jason Dinh

“Finding the most effective and pure wellness products is EASY with DnL Trends. I have full faith in Donnis and Larry to meticulously vet out any company before promoting their products to the DnL community!”

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