About Donnis Hiskett

D.I.G. Dig for Inspiration and Growth

I was born a poor young country girl. Throughout my life I reached for growth and inspiration when I had to deal with life’s challenges. Having a positive attitude is a big part of the solution in dealing wit adversity. That process began for me over 30 years ago when I was part of Network 21. Jim & Nancy Dornan and John Maxwell were a part of this group and each had a great influence on my personal growth and my attitude towards life.

I continue with self-development and self-improvement today through courses and reading books. As I saw the improvement in each step along the way, I was motivated to continue. When I was 49, I learned that I am Cherokee, and I embraced being Native American. I read Cherokee Medicine to learn more about “who I am”. What I learned is that part of being Cherokee is to live from your heart. So I began to be aware of kindness, of being a more gentle soul, and of being more honest. I have made a deliberate effort to grow into that philosophy and to become a good Cherokee.

Continuing to be an entrepreneur is perfect for me in this chapter of my life. It is the compilation of all I’ve learned so far in my life. I’m a Global Entrepreneur, a successful “Self Made Woman” and I’m living my passions. As a Certified Organic Nutritionist and Healing Chef, Reiki Master, and a member of the Health, Wellness & Healing team of Self-Made Woman, I help people achieve whole body health.

This is a repost from 2018:

As I drank my coffee this morning and contemplated my day, it popped into my head that I should share My Transformation story: I'm 68 and it's been a journey but the photos don't lie. Because I'm a Nutrition Coach, I designed a 1200 calorie, daily eating and lifestyle plan. I included my favorite beverage: watermelon juice, red wine cooler! I didn't give up anything I wanted BECAUSE years ago I trained my taste buds away from salt and sugar which includes most carbs. 

I took 5 bottles of pills off my counter and exchanged them for 1 cup of Lean Java Bean Weight Loss Coffee! And you can now get Lean Java Bean from Amazon. For the first time in 15 years, I was dropping pounds. I had found MY magic formula.
If you compare the photos, you will see a major change. Not only have I gone from a size 14 to a size 8, I look younger too. That's thanks to the Somaderm HGH gel giving my body the components it needs to look younger and feel better every day. Both the Gel and the Lean Java Bean help my menopausal systems allowing me to sleep better, I have great energy and so much more that I won't share here. I'm loving life !!!



  • Certified Nutrition Coach and Healing Chef
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified Essential Oils Mastermind
  • Self-Made Woman Founding Member/Director/Trainer

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Find the Power within

Find the power within ... You can fly with broken wings, and then they heal because your wings are the manifestation of the power within that never fails. This is my story and I hope that it will inspire you that it never too late to live your dreams and passions.