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Financial literacy is not taught in school. The average American never learned about money. Well, DnL Trends has programs to do just that.

Learn, connect, and empower yourself with amazing tools so you improve your overall health and lower your stress as you become an expert with your finances.

Providing A Path to Opportunity & Success 

DnL Trends is a platform with programs that teach the average family about financial literacy. If you are like them, you learned the hard way, the importance of having more than one stream of income. The impact of the COVID lockdown hit Donnis and Larry hard. They lost about 85% of our income as they watched our paychecks cancel one by one. Larry is a touring singer/songwriter and most of his events were canceled from March 2020 to June of 2021. They got caught with all our eggs in one basket and had to pivot & regroup. 

Donnis has been asked to share their story to hundreds of people in an effort to inspire them to make changes in their own lives so they avoid the financial tragedy that hit them so hard. She says: if we had know years ago what we know today, our lives would look totally different.

Donnis and Larry went through another reinvention and built a business that educates the average consumer. An educated consumer makes better decisions on their financial investments. 

Being a Wealthness Coach has become their passion and their paycheck. It’s as easy as A, B, or C. Start with their Financial Basics programs and grow to become an expert.

Live With Abundance In All Things

Leverage our Wealthness Coaching program to level up your life and business with our key strategies for growth, additional income streams, and wealth creation.

Our Story

Once upon a time

That’s a good start. In the early 1980s, Donnis moved to Evergreen, CO, and worked for an entrepreneur. Since his budget couldn’t support a full time employee, he offered her the use of the office equipment to open a Secretarial Service. Down the hall was a one-man Landscape Architect office. Larry Hiskett Inc. needed a secretary. 

Fate … Donnis met Larry and they fell in love. In addition to being a Landscape Architect, Larry was a drummer in a band. She would often go to wherever he was playing and enjoy watch. You see, he took his drum kit and put it onto his chest via his custom designed Whiskett Rhythm Board.  Then, sadly, he moved 2 hours north to join a landscape architect business partnership. The 2 drifted apart but their love never died !!!

Segway to 14 years later … October 1999, in San Francisco. Donnis was working in the IT department of United Airlines. She and her computer buddy decided to go into downtown San Francisco and see what “The Harvest Festival” was all about. This was an interesting day. When Donnis arrived to pick up Richard, he had to finish vacuuming before he was ready to leave … delayed !!! At lunch the waitress forgot to put in their lunch order … delayed !!! At the event, there was no parking so Donnis drove around and around the block and finally parked in VIP parking and paid $20 (yikes) … again, delayed !!!

Delayed … Because Donnis paid for parking, Richard said “I’ll buy the tickets”. While he was doing that, Donnis heard music and it sounded like there was a washboard in the band. When Richard came back with the tickets, she said “I want to see if this is my friend Larry”. Richard said I’ll meet you inside. When the washboard guy finished his song and looked up, he said “Donnis?” She said, “Larry, it is you !!!”

Reunited … oh my gosh, what a happy day. Donnis stood there in front of Larry that she hadn’t seen in 14 years with butterflies in her tummy and her heart beating wildly, but she didn’t let him know !!! Not yet anyway.  As they talked and chatted, their love for each other quickly resurfaced and they became a couple.  He was a full-time touring entertainer and would soon be done. For the next couple years, they maintained a working relationship as he would come and go. 

911 Aftermath … United Airlines was hit hard after the events of 911. Once the office was reopened, all management was given 30 days notice to allow the company to regroup. At the end of that notice period, Donnis was laid off. United went back to core business of passengers and freight and the IT department wasn’t part of the plan. Her whole department was laid off !!!

New Beginnings … In February 2002, the 2 decided they would go on tour together and Donnis would be the photographer for Washboard Willy. You can see hundreds of her photographs in the www.washboardwilly.com photo gallery. During the next few months, her involvement changed and Wishboard Wanda was born. Wishboard Wanda was created to be the playground director for Willy’s Washboard Jamboree, interactive rhythm playground. Her job was to get rhythm instruments into the hands of children. So all summer they toured and played together. In August, Larry proposed and they were married at the Las Vegas Circus Circus wedding chapel. They were in Las Vegas to entertain at the Harvest Festival !!! How appropriate that their Harvest Festival Family would be part of their special day !!!

Donnis Hiskett

Donnis is a perfect example of “It’s never too late”!!!  For the first 60 years, she didn’t have a mentor. In 2017 she met Cynthia Delaney and her life changed. Cynthia was the first person ever to believe in her. Cynthia shared the visions of what Donnis could do and that set wheels in motion. Donnis was a great student and walked the walk. She rose from poor beginnings and alcoholic parents because:

You can fly with broken wings, and then they heal … because your wings are the manifestation of the power within that never fails.

When COVID locked down our country in early 2020, Donnis was faced with new challenges. Being the Queen of Reinvention, she took the reins and began a totally new chapter of her life. When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

Through a connection app, she met Lisa Williams. Lisa is the owner/CEO of Lisa Williams Co. They joined a women’s movement and became friends in early 2020. Then COVID locked down our country, events canceled, and Larry had his paychecks cancel !!! Yikes … right !!! In October, it was apparent that the lockdown was going to continue indefinitely. Donnis and Larry needed an alternate stream of income. They decided to join Lisa in business and become Financial Educators.

Lisa became her business partner, friend, and most importantly, her mentor. Lisa help Donnis build her confidence level, become a strong leader, and create a successful income in the Financial Services industry. Today she is a successful entrepreneur, a published author, a Cover Girl, a public speaker, and a TV Celebrity! What will tomorrow bring?

Larry Hiskett

I grew up in the amber waves of grain, in Kansas, as a farm boy.  I started working side jobs when I was 10.  So my entrepreneur spirit began at a very young age!!!  In 1984, I manufactured my own custom Whiskett Rhythm Board. This Board allowed me to create my own style of playing a Washboard, kinda like a drum kit on my chest!!! In essence, I designed my own job. After getting a BLA in Landscape Architecture, I worked in the corporate arena and performed part-time as often as I could around my work schedule. 

BUT I longed to have music dominate my life. After a major turning point in my life’s journey, I decided to return to my passion. In 1995, I hired myself and became a touring singer/songwriter playing music full time as “Washboard Willy”.  Making that decision allowed me to reconnect with Donnis. Today we work together through DnL Trends and combine our experiences and offer you access to the Toolbox we’ve collected over the years. Through DnL Trends, our passion shifted to helping others, just like you, live a Happy, Healthy and Financially secure lifestyle.

Join us … It’s time that you hire yourself!

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